Halo and Tysers to support industry in new challenges


Halo Solutions and Tysers Insurance Brokers have teamed together in readiness to support venues and event organisers as they prepare to reopen their doors.

Safety and security specialist Halo Solutions noted that the industry was facing fresh challenges including new COVID-19 bio-security measures; new counter-terrorism measures as a result of the ‘Protect Duty’; and ensuring enough security, medical, stewarding and other resources as the industry faces record shortages.

Halo and Tysers will work with the industry to support them in understanding the emerging and complex needs and requirements of events in the current landscape.

“After a year of really hard financial difficulties for the industry, it’s incredible to see a big name like Tysers stepping in to offer something like this,” said Lloyd Major, CEO and co-founder at Halo Solutions. “It shows they are compassionate, have their ear to the ground and are willing to step up and help where they can.

“The Halo System protects from ghosting, provides an audit trail that ensures the right tasks are completed at the right time and that the right decisions are made by the right people every time. We have consistently saved people more money than we’ve cost them and this move, being recognised by the insurance sector, is only the next in a logical sequence of steps we’re taking to support the industry getting back to what it does best, safely. It’s a shining example of inspiring leadership, and innovative ideas at Tysers, at a time that benefits every party involved.”

The Halo System is designed to streamline bio-security, counter-terrorism, health and safety, communications and even lost property in an infinite range of incidents and procedures. The three-part system includes a mobile app and can produce digital, tamper-proof logs for use as evidence in investigations.

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