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S Leonard Auerbach, founder of Auerbach Pollock Friedlander and Auerbach Glasow, is to assume emeritus status. This follows more than 50 years of active practice as a theatre consultant and lighting designer.

“Len is a rare talent and has played a major role in defining the theatre consulting industry since its inception,” said Steven Friedlander, the firm’s president. “He successfully led the firm and provided support and design leadership to our clients and staff.”

“Our architectural lighting practice is a direct outgrowth of Len’s background and success in theatre and lighting design, which is the foundation of our expertise in the lighting of performance and cultural environments,” said Patricia Glasow, executive vice president. “His vision was the basis for our growth in the commercial and institutional sectors.”

Auerbach founded the firm in 1972. His leadership, and the efforts of the team that now direct the firm, built it into a globally recognised theatre design, audio-video and architectural lighting consultancy with an extensive portfolio of award-winning projects. The company stated that Auerbach had “led the development of a comprehensive approach to design and drove much of the creation of stage machinery and systems that are standards in the theatre production industry today”.

The firm has collaborated with renowned architects, design professionals, arts institutions and owners on opera houses, professional repertory theatres, concert halls, performing arts educational facilities, museums and planetariums, as well as popular entertainment venues in theme parks, casinos and cruise ships. Alongside his theatre and AV consulting, Auerbach has designed the architectural lighting for numerous performance venues, as well as significant civic and commercial projects. He has been an innovator in the design of custom light fixtures, optics and lighting control systems.

Over the years Auerbach has been active in professional organisations such as the United States Institute of Theatre Technology, International Society of the Performing Arts, Illuminating Engineering Society, International Association of Lighting Designers, and is an allied member of the AlA. He also was a founding member and past president of the American Society of Theatre Consultants. He is particularly proud of initiating, and continuing to participate in, the Theatre Architecture Studio at Carnegie Mellon University College of Fine Arts.

In speaking about the future of the firm and his legacy, Auerbach said: “The spirit of collaboration with our clients and their team of professionals has always been an important key quality leading toward design excellence”.

Although his day-to-day involvement in the firm has concluded, as emeritus he will continue to contribute to special projects, as needed.

As Auerbach Pollock Friedlander/Auerbach Glasow look to the future, the firm also announced the addition of Brad Kisicki and Patrick McCue as its two newest owners.

Kisicki has been with the firm for 11 years and becomes a principal in the New York office. His approach to design, and to supporting clients, is based on his experience in theatre production design and management, as well as his architectural training. Since joining the firm he has led the planning and design for multiple projects and spent two years as the firm’s on-site representative during the design and construction of the La Perle Theater at Habtoor City in Dubai, UAE.

McCue is the firm’s chief financial and operating officer. Since his arrival in 2019, he has successfully led the firm’s operations and guided it through the pandemic. His financial background, experience in the management of design firms and an upbringing filled with music performance makes him a perfect fit for Auerbach Pollock Friedlander/Auerbach Glasow.

Kisicki and McCue join Steve Friedlander, Patty Glasow, Tom Neville and Rob Hill as the firm’s owners. “We are thrilled to have Patrick McCue and Brad Kisicki augment our strong ownership team as we move forward to build on the foundation established by Len Auerbach,” said Friedlander.

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