Postponement for Showlight 2022


The organisers of Showlight, an international event for lighting professionals, have announced the postponement of the 2022 event in its traditional form. The decision was made in the context of the ongoing COVID-19 situation worldwide.

“The Showlight committee has been reviewing the current state of our industry and the effects of the COVID pandemic on employment in many of our theatres, conference centres, touring venues, and within our manufacturing and servicing companies,” explained John Allen, chairman, Showlight. “We have also considered the difficulties and unpredictability of travel bans, quarantining and the effect of Brexit, and none of our conclusions are encouraging. As a result, we have reluctantly decided that a traditional Showlight in 2022 at Fontainebleau [in France]is not viable in any form so a further postponement will be necessary, and we will reconsider our options for Showlight 2023 next spring, ideally to take place in Fontainebleau as previously planned.”

Allen also noted that in organising an event, the Showlight committee would need to visit the site. “It is hoped that the requirements for quarantining will be lifted soon, but current restrictions on travel, new visa requirements and simply planning catering and the social side of Showlight with local companies, who are also experiencing problems of COVID, simply add to the difficulties of organisation,” he said. “Showlight will return again in all its glory just as soon as possible but until COVID can be controlled and we are back to a better time for the lighting industry, we have to wait in the wings.”

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