Altman Lighting launches next-generation luminaires


Entertainment and architectural lighting manufacturer, Altman Lighting, is expanding its PHX ellipsoidal series with two 340W LED lighting systems. The new luminaires in the PHX LED ellipsoidal range, named PHX3 LED Profile and PHX3 LED Zoom, are designed for use in theatres, special events, television studios, or other locations where energy-efficient lighting performance is required.

The PHX3 luminaires feature a 340 Watt RGBL (red, green, blue and lime) LED engine, with an output of just over 10,000 lumens, making it suitable as a front-of-house workhorse fixture. Available in 5°, 10°, 19°, 26°, 36° and 50° fixed-focus Profile Spot models, as well as 15-35° and 30-55° Zoom Spot models, the fully locking shutters and 360° rotating barrel help users to keep the PHX3 fixture focus intact with minimal light leak. Multiple on-board control options are available, such as colour fades and strobes, as well as a console-free stand-alone Player Mode, and 8-bit or 16-bit virtual dimming for smooth blackouts and colour-shift minimisation during dimming.


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