Thermal camera that pre-screens ‘sick’ event attendees could help prevent future pandemic spread


When public spaces including concert venues and theatres finally re-open following the COVID-19 pandemic, there may be changes in operation to help prevent the spread of illness and disease. One technology is the use of special body heat sensing CCTV cameras that can scan individuals before they enter a facility.

Security camera company Platinum CCTV has recently announced the development of a body temperature sensing security camera designed to help protect against pathogenic community spread by rapidly pre-screening individuals before they enter a facility.

The PT-BF5421-T Thermal/Visible Hybrid IP Security Camera offers businesses security against outbreaks by providing accurate body temperature readings of plus/minus 0.3 degrees Celsius, while alerting staff to institute facility protocols when needed. Each thermal image is seen and read up to three meters away, with both visible and audible signals sent whenever a high body temperature is detected.

Body Temperature Sensing Hybrid Thermal Camera with AI can sense people with a fever from up to 3m away without direct contact

“We’re extremely proud of this new thermal camera,” said Michael Dunteman, CEO of Platinum CCTV. “It has the chance to really help reduce the spread of viruses in our workplaces and keep employees safe. Current screening methods involve contact thermometers and are a very slow and tedious process.  With this body temperature camera, people can be pre-screened for fever as quickly as they can walk through a hallway.  It really is a one-of-a-kind tool for businesses, hospitals, transportation hubs, theatres, hotels and many other businesses to help screen against those who may be ill and unaware of their health status. Previously, this sort of technology was not as accurate and price-prohibitive for all but governments and the largest of businesses. But we’ve now introduced a model that is more accurate and modestly priced, specifically geared toward transit facilities, hospitals, medical buildings, schools, casinos, manufacturing facilities and other installations that need screening. Now, security personnel can screen and identify sick individuals without having to touch them, allowing for the implementation of safe, private and effective isolation protocols with medical professionals as mandated by each facility.”

The recent coronavirus pandemic is only the latest in a series of pathogenic threats that have become news over the past decade: Ebola, SARS, H1N1 and others have all highlighted the need for greater security in places where masses of people travel or gather. The PT-BF5421-T thermal camera has a wide variety of applications, including concert venues and convention centres, airports, sports arenas, hospitals, offices, and more.

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