Milos presents ‘extreme bike riding’ structure for multiple venue types


An artificial climbing structure for ‘extreme bike riding’ – capable of being installed in any venue – is being made available for rent from Milos.

The structure is made with a series of Milos truss A-frames that are 11m (36.1ft) high and stabilised with guy wires. The 80m (262.5ft) climbing course and bike path are then achieved using two parallel wires that are stretched across the A-frames at more than 8m (26.2ft) above the ground. The bottom wire is for climbers to either walk or make the bike ride, and the top wire is a safety wire used for securing climbers’ climbing harnesses.

The static calculation observes EN 12572 (Artificial climbing structures – Part 1: Safety requirements and test methods for ACS with protection points) and takes into account the self-weight of the climber/bike rider and a point load of 660kg (1,455 lb) for the safety wire, for cases where climbers fall and put extra dynamic loading forces on the safety wire.

It’s interesting to note that the safety wire for this unique bike riding/climbing course features a patented system called Rope Roller, invented by Muller. The High Rope Bike system is available for rent from On-The-Ropes and can even include a zip line at the end of the course, which brings the total length of the course to 150m (492ft).

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