Rigging and design software developments from Holoplot


Pro audio company Holoplot has announced a new X1 rigging system and the beta version of its new design and simulation software, Holoplot Plan, at this year’s ISE event. The company first showed its X1 Matrix Array at last year’s ISE, garnering the Best of Show award in the Installation category.

More than a loudspeaker, the X1 series – comprising the X1 Modul 96 full-range speaker and the X1 Modul 80-S loudspeaker with built-in sub – is a fully integrated system designed to combine sophisticated software and IoT capabilities. It is built for high-performance applications such as concerts, event venues, theme parks, large conferences, immersive installations and more.

Holoplot X1 Matrix Array

Holoplot Plan

The company developed Holoplot Plan to make designing, simulating and setting up a Holoplot sound system simple and intuitive. “Our aim is to make our technology more accessible,” said Michael Kastner, head of product. “Holoplot Plan allows creatives and designers to see the direct impact our technology can have on their own projects.”

Using Plan’s 3D graphical interface, matrix arrays of different configurations can be designed, and sound fields based on 3D Audio-Beamforming and Wave Field Synthesis technologies can be created.

Holoplot Plan is designed to simulate and visualise direct sound pressure levels, to provide a realistic prediction of the audio coverage in the venue. For further analysis and advanced simulations, projects can be exported to EASE.

X1 rigging system

Holoplot says thanks to the new rigging, X1 is now more flexible than ever. Arrays can be deployed vertically or horizontally and are infinitely scalable – opening the door for X1 into both the fixed installation and rental market.

X1 rigging

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